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Las Vegas Ranch Estates is only 24.1 miles from downtown Prescott but a century away! Located near historic Las Vegas Ranch Headquarters (Click on LV Ranch History page). Las Vegas Ranch Estates owners enjoy abundant groundwater, panoramic vista views, slower pace and a sense of community, but without sacrificing the conveniences of underground power, paved roads and gated security.

Parcels ranging from 10 minimum acres to 640 acre section tracts. The Las Vegas Ranch Estates lifestyle is your solution to escape from the noise, crazy pace and issues of most Urban locations. 

There’s no limit to what your imagination and your builder can achieve here. With all that free time you can spend it caring for your own Horses or tending your garden. Create your own favorite past time in Las Vegas Ranch Estates.

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Current Listings
LV Ranch HistoryLas_Vegas_Ranch_History_-_Prescott,_Arizona.htmlLas_Vegas_Ranch_History_-_Prescott,_Arizona.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0